Monti APM - Application Performance Monitoring for Meteor



I am launching Monti APM today, an application performance monitoring tool based on Kadira.

Some of the features are:

  • Standard Meteor APM features: error tracking, production monitoring of various metrics, and detailed traces of methods and subscriptions
  • Alerts are enabled and can be sent by email, web hooks, or slack
  • Remote CPU profiling is enabled on paid plans and supported in Meteor 1.4 and newer
  • It uses public source maps to improve error stack traces. Support for private source maps is in progress.
  • Many bugs in the open sourced Kadira and it’s Meteor package have been fixed, and a few minor improvements have been made. For example, the dashboard charts automatically update again.


There is a free plan with 8 hours of data retention. Paid plans start at $5/host/month. We use the same method as Kadira for calculating the number of hosts by using the median number of hosts for the month. Learn more on our website.

I will be continuing to improve the service. I have many ideas, but am also looking for feedback from the community.

Finally, I would like to thank the many community members who used Monti APM and gave me valuable feedback during the private beta.

Running a own Kadira instance Update: now with a guide!

Just signed up for the Pro plan. Will post feedback here once we’ve fully integrated and given it a test run. Congrats on launching :slight_smile:


Great to see Kadira resurrection.


Great work @zodern . It’s so good to see Kadira getting some much needed TLC. The private production source maps will be really useful.

We’ve had both our production apps using it for over a month now and going really well.

Keep up the good work !


Good job @zodern ! Do you plan on sharing evolutions of the initial codebase on Github ?
I think that an open-sourced version, backed by a group of persons that are providing premium plans with hosting and extra support would allow great enhancements to the tool that would benefit the whole community.


Thanks for the suggestion. I have considered it, and may eventually make the code public on GitHub. There already is lmachens/meteor-apm-server which has made some improvements to Kadira and simplified deployment.


Very cool. It’s nice to see alerts resurrected. That’s enough to switch from Galaxy’s version alone.


Good job man, mup beanstsalk, now this. Legendary.


Great job!! I haven’t ever used kadira, I’ll try the free version and if it’s good, I’ll sign up for the paid plan!


Great to hear Kadira is back :+1:


@zodern am I understanding right that this tracks server errors (where the original kadira APM did not?). currently running my own instance on digital ocean using, but would be keen to give this a go :slight_smile:


Thanks for your interest. Monti APM and lmachens/meteor-apm-server both track server errors. I hope you give Monti APM a try.


As we’re launching in Summer (this year) it’s coming very timely. Thanks for developing this!


Feature Request: SMS text message alerts

Or… anyone know a simple and easy way to link a specific incoming email to a text message or iOS/Android alert.


You can use a webhook with zapier to send a SMS message. @arunoda had created a tutorial:


This is seriously amazing, we’ll be giving this a shot on the free tier!


I used Kadira in the past, now trying out monti, replaced the agent and set the envars. I can see there’s data being send to your backend, but nothing appears when I look at my project on

Update, found the bug:


Thanks for finding the cause. It is fixed in the latest version of the agent.


@zodern we have been using monti APM for almost a month now and absolutely love the comeback! Thank you again for putting in the effort.
One suggestion > ability to directly create a github issue from an error
One more thing, the old Kadira documents linked as specific tips were great, any way to access those?


also interested in an easy to navigate version of these. looks like some, if not all, are here: