Most Exclusive Website (a silly Internet thing)


I built the with Meteor.
It’s a totally silly Internet idea, but turned into a nice little demo of real-time data/reactive UI.

Tickets are issued per connection, so feel free to open lots of tabs and take lots of tickets.
Attempts to ditch the line and post something are highly encouraged.

I’m not really sure where to go with the idea from here, other than using the site as a simple demo.
Any feedback/questions/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


This could become very handy for people who moderate discussions/debates where audience take turns to ask questions. In fact, this can grow into an online debating platform, helping people learn the merits of patience :smile:


This is cool! I like the timer effect btw, did you use a tutorial for that?


It’s actually just I wrapped in a meteor package that I could release if you’re interested :slight_smile:


@serkandurusoy, I like that idea! I’ve been trying to brainstorm ways in which this might actually be useful, something more than the silly Internet satire it is now.


Yeh sure, do you have to wrap things as meteor packages to be able to use them? I was looking for a way to contribute to the meteor community despite being a beginner and wrapping javascript for use in meteor seems like a good place to start.


@Urbanmango yes, it definitely is, but before doing that, it is best to ping the author of the package and let them know that there is an ongoing effort to get them to publish official builds and if that fails, you’ll be maintaining the meteor package.

This is to ensure multiple versions of the same library and abondoned packages.

@dandv and @splendido are taking the lead in this effort and you can also follow what’s new over at and

But yes, it definitely is a great place to start contributing :smile:


@jfols can I ask for a big favor?

As a very fresh Meteor developer I’m juggling with all the new concepts, packages, etc.

One thing I can’t my head around is how to incorporate a js package like flipclock into my page.
I already spotted modweb:flipclock, but have no clue how to proceed.
Where/how to put the clock div, where/how to declare the clock, where/how to start() etc. it?

If you, or someone else, can come up with a basic example project, that would help enormously.


Got it working.
N.B. this might not be the best way to do it

  • Put flipclock.min.js in public/js
  • Put flipclock.css in root of project (I’ll care about project layout later)
  • In myapp.html
  • `
` - Add {{> flipclock}} in my page template - ` ` - In Meteor.isClient of myapp.js: - `Template.flipclock.onRendered(function() { var clock = $('#clock').FlipClock(); });`

EDIT: removed the local flipclock js and css files, removed the .js include from , and replaced it with modweb:flipclock package.


@rev Glad you got it working! Sorry for the delayed reply.

You’re on the right track–I would definitely recommend using packages over including .js or .css frameworks/libraries manually, packages make dependency management much easier (among other things).

You should put your template files in the client/ directory, then you don’t need to wrap your template functions in Meteor.isClient


@jfols no need to apologize!
I already moved on to modweb:flipclock :smile:
I’m slowly applying structure to my project, juggling many new things at the same time.
Slowly getting there, and loving it!


Reddit seems to be enjoying this site right now, over 600 tickets pulled today :smile:
Source is here