Multiple Apps on One VPS Virtual Hosting Digital Ocean Deployment... yikes

Hi Everyone,

I am looking at possibilities for deployment and not really sure how to move forward about doing this. My goal is to be able to deploy multiple meteor apps on one VPS or Meteor apps with a combination of other app types (wordpress joomla etc.) So none of the apps should share the same database or the same namespace when being accessed online…My plan is to create a Digital Ocean Droplet

Inside of that droplet create virtual hosting using NGINX to ensure the correct namespaces,
Use docker to seperate a computer instance for each app
Use meteor up to help with deployment.
Some people are mentioning that Plesk makes everything easier to achieve…
Not sure how to modify the meteor application to listen to NGINX or to play well.

Lets face it… I have no idea what I am doing and I really want to learn how to achieve my goal cause… it seems very valuable to be able to do this… Can someone please point me in the right direction? How is this stuff done? What do I need to focus on ? Thanks for reading, looking forward to your advice,

Take a look at

I’m currently using it for a client to co-host 5 wordpress sites + 3 meteor apps + 2 static sites on the same server. Mysql and mongodb are on the same server, as well.

They’re on a $40 box, but there’s very little load, so considering migration to a $20 box.