Mup deployment onto Apache server with virtualhost



I struggled to deploy my app onto my DO site. I have an apache with virtualhost setup

The mup setup works just fine but couldnt do mup deploy

The error message was quite limited so I couldnt debug much but I couldnt get this path correct
eg: "app": "/var/www/"

When I did this just to test
"app": "."
It manages to deploy just fine but it is not in my desired folder. Not sure what to do

Can you allow php file to run in your public folder

“app” is the local path to your meteor app on your local developer system. Not the remote path on your server!


Okay, make sense. "app": "." was correct then.

So whats the next step?
I assume creating a site-enabled file to point my subdomain to this folder

Another question, I would like to host the mongo db on the same server. I have troubling figuring out how to generate or find the MONGO_URL?


Somewhat similar post if you guys are interested:


I think this is somewhat out of context.


Context being the common discussion around instructions on deploying with mup on a server where (possibly) apache is the front end web server, hence the “somewhat similar” prompt.


This may be the answer -

Will give it a go and give a update