MUP OR PM2-Meteor OR any other deployment tools after lost arunoda and kadira?

Hi guys,
I need to know which one is more robust and future of deploying in Meteor.js?
I recently use arunoda/meteor-up (old version of mup) and then switch to kadirahq/meteor-up (latest mup with docker inside) but today I see this and also Arunoda: Leaving the Meteor Community also @arunoda said in this blog post in kadira voice that:

If you are using any of our Meteor projects at kadirahq org, you may have noticed that we’ve almost stopped working on those projects.
Yes — I want to make that official. I really lost the interest of working with Meteor, and it’s pretty hard for me to support those projects for newer versions of Meteor.

So I think now MUP is not a best solution for deployment in Meteor.js.
Is it time to switch from MUP to PM2-Meteor?

I’m very sad for lost many good projects like: MUP, FlowRouter, Kadira performance monitor and etc.

Lets talk about MUP alternative here guys.

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Hey @cyclops

I’ve been doing my own deploy tool since i’ve been using ApolloData and other stuff, its not hard to use your own solution. I choose Docker becuase of the isolation it provides between apps.

MUP was a great tool at the begining … each release gave me more troubles. I was a ‘noob’ about DevOPS.

My solution, you have only to paste the folder “deploy” on your project, after that just:

cd project/deploy
meteor npm i

And you will have an app running on the port you specified on the script.
My main idea is to keep things very simple… bash + docker + nginx.


wow this looks nice. Is it going to work with any cloud, like Heroku, Amazon, DO, etc.

I deploy a test project with PM2-Meteor and it’s awe aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesome.
Thanks andruschka for this tools. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:


We’re also using pm2-meteor. Our apps are running fine and we have access to all important logs / stats.


Take a look at our deployment solution:
It’s meant for production and uses vanilla pm2 with pm2-web. We also have deployment scripts that compile, push the bundle and install it for you.

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I’m trying out PM2-Meteor, but SSL setup is complicated. Anyone have an easy to follow, detail instructions, on setting up nginx and ssl with PM2?

Phusion Passenger is mentioned on this thread.

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I’ve just tried PM2-Meteor as well. Compared to Mup, PM2-Meteor is like lightyears behind in terms of ease-of-use.
To setup multiple servers will take a lot of work

I got SSL setup running, you just have to set it up for Nginx (follow guide step 1 here - which means you have to become an Nginx expert as well.

Biggest disadvantage of PM2-Meteor is that you have to setup each server manually before you can deploy to it.

But I think once you have Nginx running, and setup your servers, it is quite powerful. But it requires a lot of devops.

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Thanks @satya

I got my new SSL setup working using Nginx and Mup. The hardest part was setting up the server with Nginx and the SSL, after that the Mup deploy we easy as usual.

Even still there were a LOT of steps involved! And after it was all said an done my Meteor app starting rebooting constantly! Until I took out changing settings from the Nginx config.