Arunoda: Leaving the Meteor Community


If you have noticed, I was kind a idle for most of the MeteorJS development in last few months.
That’s because I lost the interest to work on those projects.

So, I am making that official today.

It’s sad. But I think it’s time for me to move on.
Thank you all.


Thank you for all… )-:


Thanks for your all of your hard work… I still remember setting up fastrender, seeing it work like magic, and thinking “WOW, thank god for smart people like this”.

And I feel the same way so I’m coming with you!


must…move…meteor… to npm… soon…


Thanks @arunoda for everything I just hope you don’t turn off Kadira.
If that happens, they day is even worse for the Meteor Community, and even for the MDG…
No monitoring for Meteor Apps is a big downside…

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Thanks a ton for all what you’ve shared to us :+1:

Thanks for all your awesome open source packages :thumbsup: Can you talk briefly about your future plans for Kadira? If you plan on shutting it down or keeping it up for years to come, etc.


Thanks for all of the great work, Arunoda!

I hope someone steps up to move Flow Router forward - perhaps people in the Blaze community would be interested.


You will be missed, we wouldn’t be using Meteor without your work :cry: :cry: :cry:

It’s a big lost in the Meteor Community. Thanks for all Arunoda !

When the news first broke back in Dec '15 that MDG had a change in strategy, was going to adopt Reactjs as their preferred UI Framework and subsequently announced MDG was moving development work to a GraphQL based data solution named Apollo, some in the community were floored. I said it back then, and I’ll say it again…

If a developer is being told by MDG to use Facebook’s React and GraphQL and MDG stops work on Meteor classic for the most part, then why not just go all the way and adopt the full Facebook stack? Why not use Next.js, ‘Create React App’, GraphQL, Redux, and Reactjs like @arunoda said he’s moving to in his farewell address?

Well this is exactly what @arunoda and many devs are doing. This is a real lost to the community.

Thanks for everything @arunoda, you helped me and countless others find our way in the earlier days of Meteor. Your MUP and FlowRouter solutions are still widely in use to this day. You will be missed.


Thanks for all, miss you…

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So what does this mean for Kadira?


thanks for all …

Sad news. Thank you for everything you’ve done; it has been much appreciated.

I’ve never posted on this forum before, but just for this, I wanted to say thanks to you Arunoda and your team for all the work and contributions you’ve done for Meteor!


Thanks @arunoda for all that you have done.

Thanks for everything you have done!

Can you please change my username here? I messages a long ago about it but no luck :frowning:
Thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah Meteor user will be declining more and more after this.

Moving to NPM should be given more priority than Apollo integration. After moving to NPM, Apollo integration should be much easier compare to integration now and then moving to NPM.

I think moving to NPM is not too late. Meteor still better compare to Create React App or Next.js especially for stability, maturity, and feature richness for building complex app (reactivity, account integration, more broaden supported view engine, etc).


Big lost!

good luck and thank you for everything you’ve done.

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