Nearing end of tether trying to build Meteor for Android


OK, I am stumped, I have tried forums and even using someones docker image to build my Android app… but I keep hitting a slew of issues.

For my project I can successfully build a working app for iOS, but when it comes to the Android app, it’s completely borked and I have followed a number of twists and turns including removing packages like crosswalk and anything that seems to be offending just to try and get it to run.

Depending on which approach I use I get anything from a crash (straight meteor run android-device) , through to Gradle related issues, through to things like compatible plugins issues - see below for some of the forum issues.

Do we need a new Meteor guide or an update to enable us to build our apps for Android for Meteor I feel like I’m stabbing in the dark.

Some related forum entries:


Even I still wonder, why haven’t MDG still keep this guide published
Even though meteor install-sdk no longer works. Is it has abandoned that far? That’s why the only workaround I have is building my own builder. Hope they can find a way for this, or simply remove the mobile guide itself



We’ve released the app 16 times on Android since 2016 and sure had to deal with some weirdness when building, so it’s not like this is the first time we’ve released the app.

Just finding this specific combo with Meteor particularly nasty. Sure I amy be doing something dumb… but does this have to be so hard.

Meteor 1.6 how do I get/upgrade to latest Cordova?

Please paste any error messages you are seeing … I can confirm meteor can successfully cut android APK