New faces collaborating on Meteor.js

Hey everyone,

We mentioned in one of our blog monthly updates that we were discussing a partnership with two companies: Quave and Vazco. As mentioned by @radekmie in his Fibers blog post, it took us a long some time to meet and finish all the paperwork, but here we are!

And that’s why you might see new faces (or names) on GitHub and here on the Forums. They are working part-time with us, mainly on our top three goals for the year (roadmap update will reflect this soon):

  • Change how Meteor executes Async code or Fibers migration.
  • Improve MongoDB stability.
  • Improve TypeScript support.

We have a team at Quave led by @filipenevola assigned to work on Fibers. The team consists of Edimar (@edimarlnx), Matheus (@matheusccastroo) and Eduardo (@eduwr). You may have seen new PRs and discussions from them.

@denyhs and @zodern, in addition to everything they do, are also working on the Fibers migration.

From Vazco, @radekmie continued work on the new MongoDB async API and continues to collaborate on all MongoDB related. And as part of our agreement, Piotr Pośpiech (@piotrpospiech) led by @radekmie, is working with us on TypeScript, MongoDB, Minimongo, and related stuff. His main work at the moment is the Typescript integration for Meteor packages.

This is not everything.

We also have a new member in the Meteor Software team! Gabriel (@Grubba27) has joined us this week and he will be focusing on OSS!



Awesome news, and awesome people, well done! :slight_smile:


Glad to see you’re investing in the ecosystem. Awesome!