We’re excited to release a new version of! Along with the new look and easier navigation, we’ve made changes in some key areas where we were lacking (based on feedback from the community). The most important of which is around Galaxy Hosting pricing and available plans. Here’s what’s changed:

New 4 GB free trial for all new Galaxy Hosting accounts for 30 days.

All new accounts can now run any container size (up to 4 GB) completely free for 30 days. We wanted to give users the opportunity to test out what running a large scale app on Galaxy is like, in order to make an informed decision on whether it’s right for their app.

Not a good fit? No problem. As long as you move away from Galaxy within the 30 days there’s no charge for your usage.

Have an account already but have since moved away from Galaxy? If you reach out we can help set up the free trial for you to get you back up and running : -)

New “Tiny” container size.

One of the common feedback threads we receive is it would be great if there was another container size option for smaller side projects - some low cost option that users could use to test a production app on Galaxy without worrying about an unreasonable expense. Our answer was a new container size we’re calling “Tiny”. Tiny is $9/Month (essentials, if paid monthly. $7/month if paid annually) option for hosting small projects at a reasonable price.

If you’re an existing Galaxy Hosting customer, nothing changes for you! We will never bump you up to a new pricing plan. You signed up at price point, and that’s what you’ll get.

We hope that these key changes make the site more navigable, Galaxy Hosting more accessible to the community, while looking forward and setting us well for long term success.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to us at We’d be happy to help.


Looks fantastic, and the new galaxy pricing is great!

The tutorials section of the website has some dead links, though.

These all link back to themselves.


Hello Meteor,

Great work on the new Interface, But I still think work is incomplete as the tutorials page are still broken as it is.

Whoa! False Alarm, all I had to do was a hard-refresh

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Hi @electrode it was a little bit broken indeed but we have fixed already :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedback.

Hi, the tutorials are fixed already.

We will take a look at Need more inspiration? section. Thanks for the feedback.

loved the new design but have some issues on mobile navbar, it keeps open after click and Built with Meteor section has a bug @filipenevola

Love the new site :o)

Nice to have a fresh new look, congrats!:partying_face:

Some blips I noticed:

  • Navigating to the Galaxy page from frontpage footer will not reset scroll position, meaning, you end up at the end of the Galaxy page
  • The “Meteor shower” in the hero section of Galaxy page is really disturbing. Maybe ease down on the animation frequency for the meteors and slow down the duration for the blinking stars?

You probably mean distracting? :smile:

Personally disagree. I love the animation. It has “vivid life” in contrast to the entire rest of the pages being more static. Thus indicating that with Galaxy, your app comes to life. Love it.

Any details on the tech used on the new page? It’s obviously Meteor. Does it use Bootstrap 4? Wonderful job everyone!

Just an FYI - Google Site analyzer gives it a 4 out of 100 for mobile. Yikes. And Pingdom is a C. Is this just the case for most Meteor-based landing pages due to having to process the Meteor bundle? I’ve never used Meteor for any landing pages so I don’t know.


i love the new 10 dollar a month galaxy subscription plan. thats perfect :slight_smile: Its like for 10 bucks a month you can host small apps and build up a level of expertise using Galaxy that will make using it in a professional setting that much more efficient.

The site looks great @filipenevola, congrats


great job! hopefully this will get some of the buzz back to meteor.


The homepage should really be a showcase of it’s own of what’s possible with Meteor.
Could be good promo content to write up how you got the homepage from 4 to 90+ score :wink:

Also noticed this:

You can Install it, sure, but don’t ask if it works :laughing:

We really need a getting started on Windows guide, that you can link from here and the install page. Windows development is a real pain out of the box, and requires system tweaking to get right


I use windows as my main development box, and I never ran into any issues with Meteor.


I don’t have any issues either

But, it’s very common on these forums to find folks with:
permissions issues (from running as admin after choco install),
performance issues (anti-virus being over-active),
npm build issues (lacking required build tools),
or other issues (Meteor apps have to be on C drive, etc.)

So some guide to avoid the pitfalls would be really nice


A question about the new Galaxy pricing - I don’t see per hour pricing any more. I hope that doesn’t mean that plans for auto-scaling have been scrapped? And if not, how will the billing for that work?


Hi @hemalr87 the billing system is still using the container hours to calculate the bill, the same as before. We have changed only the pricing table in the website to be more clear about how much you are going to pay running your app for 30 days but you still can run your app for just a few hours. If you divide the monthly value by 30 (days) and 24 (hours) you will get the same value by hour as before. Also in the Galaxy dashboard you still can see the value by hour.

See in the bottom of the price table: Price estimate for a container running 30 days (billed by hour)

One very small difference is that every active new account is going to pay at least $9 dollars / month but this is already the case for almost everybody, it’s very rare to have an invoice that is less than $9 dollars right now.

Our roadmaps are always up-to-date and we are committed to it, auto-scaling is between our top priorities and for sure it’s going to be released :slight_smile: The billing will work in the same way, charging containers running hours.


Hi @coagmano and @cereal I’m open to have a special page in the guide or docs with Windows Tips.

Would you willing to create a PR? I would be glad to review and merge asap.

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