New Tutorial Series - Full Stack Reactive Meteor and Svelte

I’m starting a new tutorial series on Svelte and Meteor. There will be new free episodes on Youtube every week.


This is great work @stolinski

Great to see again the latest meteor tutorial

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I’ve just added 4 new videos to this series including one that shows Blaze-less user accounts in just 2 lines of code :slight_smile:


Awesome thanks @stolinski!

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Thanks @stolinski!
I have been watching these and love them. Meteor + Svelte seems such a cool combo.


I suggest the following in your next series

  • Styling specifically targeted for mobile devices using some CSS framework of choice -example that shows the typical header /footer ,and back and forward navigation icons in header , and icons in footer for example some thing like this footer
  • Building the app using meteor build for ios ,and android platforms ----> this is the key , i have yet to see something like meter build that really makes it super simple to build the apps . Though not many starting app developers have a clue about how to build for mobile devices. Further more ,highlight what resources ( splash screens , app icons , etc that need to be included to bundle the app with pointers to tools such as ticons to build icons and required splash screens etc )
  • Server method invocation to demonstrate integration with rest api’s - whether it be to consume API or post a message to a redis queue as such api calls need to be invoked with token . May be , extend the resolution app to pull in open time slots available from a calendar so one can set times …
  • provide guidelines on how to create the sign the apk for android and the ios app and distribute it to the teammates using service such as Diawi .

I think the above really will help starting developers to fully understand some concepts …

I really like the way you are presenting this information . Great stuff …

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These have been awesome. Thank you so much for putting them together.

I’d suggest 2 more topics to help round these tutorials out:

  • Routing and using authentication to create public and private sections of an app
  • Consuming data to/from custom methods and publications. Right now you’re directly manipulating the collection objects on the client via the insecure method which isn’t best practice. Illustrating how to work with data in real-world scenarios would be helpful to establish best practices for anyone looking to work with Meteor.

Nice to haves:

  • SSR examples
  • Cordova support

Again great work. These have been really useful to help move from Blaze and Vue.


I want more features and examples of tutorials, including using SSR, docking Apollo Graphql,I’m looking forward to tutorials with all of these features, and I can buy one if I pay for one

but blaze feels a bit old-fashioned to use because blaze has given up :sweat_smile:

Again great work. These have been really useful to help move from