[Newbie] Meteor and WebStorm


I am a total newbie trying to take a look into Web Development, and a decided to pick Meteor as a framework to use, since it seems starter friendly and some of my friends recommended it.

I have a license for WebStorm IDE from my school, and I would like to use that for my projects. However, I have ran into problems with Meteor applications on WebStorm (this is also my first time using WebStorm). I tried to follow a guide over at https://www.jetbrains.com/help/webstorm/2016.1/using-meteor.html and managed to make the first meteor project, and I would want to start trying more stuff out now. However, I have a problem with the JavaScript file main.js. WebStorm is giving me notifications such as “Method definition shorthands are not supported by current JavaScript version” and highlighting pretty much the entire main.js file.

When I run the application however, it shows up correctly at lcoalhost:3000, but editing JavaScript in WebStorm because of this would be kind of a pain to do. Any ideas how to fix this? Provided a screenshot from the IDE below. I do realize that this is probably a problem with the IDE and not with Meteor, but if anyone else is using Meteor on WebStorm, I was hoping they could give me a hand if they encountered this issue.

Thank You!


Check this link out https://babeljs.io/docs/setup/#installation and click on webstorm and follow instructions.

That’s not a problem because of babel, meteor automatically transpiles the code for you.
In Webstorm you can configure the javascript version you want to use.

Simply open your settings window and check the Languages & Frameworks > JavaScript and set JavaScript version to ECMAScript 6.


@henribeck is right.

And if you decide to use react for your frontend, you should set it to jsx harmony instead.