Notification panel


My question is I want to built a website for a small company and that company has cars and wants to rent cars to its employees. But I have a problem which is when an employee wants to rent a car that request should send as a notification to the admins. I searched for packages but i haven’t found to do the job


What kind of notification ? Mails, push ?


I guess easiest is that the admins subscribe to the request database and have a template that displays changes in that db

publish Requsts.find(new, unhandled, requests)

have a small template in a corner that displays the result and allow them to do things with it


Like a page showing who requested a car.


Thanks, this is a good idea, but do you think I can find a package would do that for me?


Doubt it, it is too specific and customize it for specific needs would be just as hard as making it from scratch


This is the basic way meteor pub-sub works. So if you want to work with Meteor this is really one of the things you have to build by yourself. There are no ready made solutions for this because it’s just sending data to the client.

A good starting point is here:


thanks for your reply. I followed your instruction but now I have a problem I want to send some data of the requested car (Car collection) to (Request collection). I created a table using bootstrap for the Car collection with there request button. Here I don’t know how to pass the data from the table to javascript file.

sorry may be my question looks silly, but I’m very beginner user of meteor web development.


@suhrawardy try the meteor university slack channel and thread. Meteor Mentoring Group aka Meteor University

They can help you out.

If you give me your email, I can send you an invitation.