[Now scheduled for February 2017] Call for speakers: Meteor Night December


Hey everyone,

We’re looking for speakers to feature in our upcoming Meteor Night on December 8th at our San Francisco HQ. So far we are expecting one or two speakers from MDG, but would love to see a couple of other talks from users on Meteor best practices, benefits you’ve gotten from the framework, or application showcases.

If you’re interested, email me directly at thea@meteor.com so we can see if you might be a good fit! A note that we’re currently requiring speakers to be able to attend in person.

What happen to Meteor Night?
Livestream link for Meteor Night!


Hey everyone - due to trouble finding meetup vendors and speakers this close to the holiday, we’ve moved this Meteor night to February 23rd, 2017. Look forward to a new Transmission coming soon if you have any updates you’d like to discuss, and please continue to let us know if you’d like to speak so we can consider you for the February meetup.