Old topics raising from dead

Is anyone else noticing old topics (dating back to march 2015) getting revived, even ending up in the new topics list although there has not been any recent activity on the thread?

Do you have any example, usually this will only happen if you edit the last post on the topic.

Hi, these two cropped up within a couple of minutes

Maybe it is nothing, maybe it is. I was especially baffled by 5129

Whaaa… afaik, 5129 was necroed by you 8hrs ago! Maybe you should talk to your other self and ask him/her to stop doing it!


My theory is that when n00bs (me) search for info and then ‘heart’ replies or maybe perform some other activity that counts as a update to the topic, then it comes up to the top. I find myself replying to stuff only to realise it was raised a year ago! Oh well… personally, I think it is useful to have these old threads come up since alot of the newer questions are rehashes of existing questions. Everyone thinks they’ve got a unique problem.


I just accidentally necroed this… sorry! It’s all the Suggested Topics’ fault.

But those posts aren’t so old that couldn’t be revived…

@mordrax LOL :smile:

@samsaffron sorry for alarming you and thanks for your prompt attention.