One click meteor deployments on digital ocean

So, meteor has been a contest winner on bitnami (as announced before) and will soon be available as part of the bitnami library. For those of you who don’t know, they provide one-click installs for various platforms like google cloud, azure, aws as well as windows/mac installers and vm images (virtualbox, vmware) and docker images.

And now lo and behold, bitnami partnered up with digital ocean, so that you can now deploy meteor on digital ocean servers with a single click. Here’s the announcement if you are also interested in a $10 promo credit.

I’m not affiliated with digital ocean, but I use them very extensively. I really love their simplicity and the quality of service.

You can deploy meteor, mongodb and an array of infrastructure components very easily. Their $5 plan is especially great for low budget projects or quick test runs.

And here is my “affiliate link” if you’d like to get that $10 promo credit and earn me $25 credit in return. (Sorry, could not resist)