One Meteor Mongo for multiple domains Facebook Login


It’s awesome for meteor to use the same Mongo and create services on top of it.
However, the facebook accounts are still shared.
Facebook does not allow multiple domains…

How do I setup a service like tumblr that can have multiple domain to CNAME the core site and also share the same facebook Login.




Well, there was a fairly substantial discussion around this topic back about a year ago and some community members have come up with packages around this idea since then, so here they are for your reference:

And here’s the original discussion for background:

Sharing accounts is only part of the problem, though, since you’ll be needing to consider database and routing strategies as well.


Thanks I get it working!
Shared-auth is working! and cross-domain too! However, cross domain require refresh. Shared-auth doesn’t.
But shared-auth loads an iframe… which makes the app a little too big.

I would like to use @arunoda 's login-state. However, there isn’t a document.




Oh yes. I was about to add a README and write a blog about it.
Something came before that always.