Optimize CI for Meteor

I wrote a blog post on Optimizing CI for Meteor. It shows what should be cached, what cache keys to use, and other optimizations to speed up installing dependencies and building Meteor. For medium size projects these can save up to a few minutes each time the CI job is run.


I really like the part about remove-client-js :+1:

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Nice post! Perhaps it would be interesting for people to post their app build times?

Ours on Github Actions:

meteorengineer/setup-meteor@v1                22 s
installing node modules                       37 s
Build meteor                                  11m 7s
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i read your blog and this is really good…

I applied most of the advice provided in your blog post to this GitHub workflow. I managed to reduce the time of the test job from roughly 3 minutes to roughly 2 minutes. Took me a while to get it right…

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