OSX or linux? which one is better for meteor


I am a beginner on programming, and now developing meteor on Linux, but I heard most programmers in silicon valley are using Macbook, so I am planning to buy a MacBook.
but I wonder will it improve productivity if using OSX? or any benefit by using OSX than windows or Linux?


There no much different with OSX or Linux when it comes to Meteor.

This is question whether to use Apple vs Others :smile:
I prefer to use Mac it has bettter UI and some other tools than Linux. I like to it instead of Windows because you don’t need worry about Virus.

It’s a personal choice.


I disagree with you on this @arunoda. Linux has so so so so many tools that makes developing easier.

Let’s make a very small example.

I test hundreds of different configuration for my app. Software configurations.

With linux I have docker, I have Btrfs, on 2 years old machine it takes around 50 minutes and a few tens of MB of space.

With mac I have to use AUFS, it takes at least 1 gig of space, and docker will give me headaches (think networking).

Mac is better looking (not more usable), yes, but you are paying 3000$ for a notebook that the competition sell for 1500$.

Mac and Linux dont make a difference if you are making small software. Or learning. But mac will make your wallet MUCH thinner.

Another example:

the blk-io patch. 3-7 times faster I/O in many REAL use cases. Forget to see it on any OSx kernel or NT kernel for the next 4/5 years at least, it’s simply too hard to implement.

One order of magnitude times faster I/O. So on your 3000$ macbook pro it takes 1 minutes+, on my 1500$ thinkpad it takes 5/6 seconds.

You will have a real hard time convincing me it’s just a question of preference. Unless you prefer to be slower and less productive :stuck_out_tongue:


@sammyjiang, about the silicon valley thing: it’s not true.

At work we make fun of who doesn’t buy thinkpad. It’s just a point of view, if you are either more focused on work - reliability (thinkpad), or the appearance (apple).


I personally find the only missing thing on linux to be an ios emulator.


iOS emulator? Perhaps, try Intel XDK, it can even export iOS app.


I use both Mac and Linux when developing Meteor stuff and I also use IntelliJ on both so the is no difference. Go with the machine you have or buy the machine you like, Meteor will behave the same. I am not sure about Windows though, there might be some obstacles there.


It is a half-baked product that tries to do everything, and can not do anything properly.

You actually do need physical access to macosx to properly test/debug an app on an ios simulator that actually works and acts like ios itself. Furthermore, macosx and xcode is the only single way to submit an app to the app store. XDK gets you up to the CSR point only, and even that with so many problems.


Oh we don’t need another Mac vs Linux talk :slight_smile: everything you said is true.

I mean there are some tools I like in Mac. Those are not relevant to Dev. But some utility tools and producivity tools.

Let’s stop arguing on this matter :smiley:


@arunoda I’m never arguing with you. You are simply a pillar of this community :*


Just my 2-non-cents - I would prefer to get a book looking like a macbook (body + design) having multi touch trackpad from macbook, but is running linux (supported) with good / long / efficient power management and a high resolution non-glare display. Battery time 6h+ and very silent without getting my knees roasted :wink: If you know one, please let me know.


Dell XPS13 Developer Edition but in black upper case in keyboard area, the SSD 256GB comes with an amazing Quad HD+ touch display. So thin, you will need some way to cool down if it get too hot over 4K display on Youtube.

Lastly, paste a Meteor decal over Dell logo! It’s even cool like XPS is BFR/PVC-free like Apple products.


I use both OSX and Ubuntu GNOME


  • it just work
  • iOS Simulator
  • Full multitouch gestures in the trackpad

PROS Linux

  • Native Docker
  • Btrfs
  • Some open source tools are better integrated sshfs, eCryptfs, …


Can you elaborate on BTRFS? Is that your main file system for root and home? Why? Do you dual boot?


I’ve a mba and a Chromebook with Linux. Yes Btrfs is on rootfs. The main advantage of btrfs is that you can keep track about what is going on in the fs, then you have snapshots and other stuff


Do you experience any operating system “pauses” when you are dealing with huge files like virtual machine disks or binary database files?


No but i wouldnt snapshot vms


Lot of people dislike Windows for devlopment, but nowadays, it’s really cool platform. No problem of virus (it makes more than 10 years than i don’t face to a virus, using avast in the first years but now windows defender is enough). A classic console with Console2 or git bash. A lot of Linux VM using VirtualBox or HyperV. Great IDE with WebStorm. All server can be installed locally (mongo, orient, postgresql, mysql, apache, nginx, nodejs, iojs, …) or on your VM.
Personally i like windows for my devlopment using a great Asus Zenbook or the new Dell XPS 13.


but when deploy on server, it difficult. hard to find a serve with mac os