Our Meteor app has suddenly stopped working

We’ve been running this app for years and suddenly it’s just stopped working.
It’s still on METEOR@1.10.2.

The error seems to be that the Websocket connection closes immediately. But I don’t understand what changed in the app that it’s suddenly just stopped working.

“WebSocket is closed before the connection is established.” is the error I’m seeing.

Anyone have an idea what could have changed today to cause this? Or any tips to debug or fix the error?


Did you make any changes recently?

Are there any other logs you can provide?

Also, where are you hosting your app? If it’s on Galaxy, I suggest you open a ticket at support@meteor.com. It’ll be easier to get logs and verify versions.

This could be happening for many reasons, such as environment changes or updates to your SSL/TLS configuration. Another probable one is if there were any automatic updates from your npm dependencies.

Another guess I have is that this could be related to browser updates. Did you try your app in older browsers to see if this is also happening?

The best way to find the problem is to isolate it. In your case, creating a reproduction will help you find the issue more easily. Also, if there have been any changes recently, try to roll back them and see if they work.

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same here. The meteor version is 1.10.2 too.

Websocket connections would fail, at least 90% of the time, although no change is made in the application, nor npm package upgrade, and hosted in galaxy for years.

Just raised ticket in galaxy support, nevertheless any helps will be very appreciated since the application is productively used by my client.

removing mizzao:user-status and mizzao:timesync seems to work.

My guess, the package use some methods that “send back” user status to server based on browser tab status, cutoff the websocket, and causing browser trouble to reinitialize the websocket connection again to server once the tab is focused again.

Maybe some things are updated in chrome/firefox, e.g. deprecated unload mechanism (although explicitly disable it in settings didnt help)

Can you try to update the Meteor version at least until version 2 and see if the problem continues?

Oh wow lol. Can’t believe that’s what the issue was. I ended up removing Meteor log in and so the core app started working again because I no longer relied on the websockets. Just GraphQL.

Any idea why these packages suddenly caused the issue to arise?

Wish I could. Feels like an impossible task. Endless errors from dependencies.