Oy, changing things?

  1. Is Flow Router going down the toilet? Seems Arunoda is fleeing the coop, if so would react-router be the next logical conversion?

  2. I’m looking into using Meteor Apollo, starting initially with MongoDB and eventually trying postgres. That being said the GitHunt React application confounds me as it’s split into “Server” and “Client” (Both of which have Server and Client folders). Are these two separate apps? If so are we expected to deploy on two separate servers?

I’m having a hard time finding GraphQL Subscription info that’s utilizing the correct technologies and structured in a way I expect. (Not to mention it seems I can mostly find things from August).

Any advice or links to up-to-date information would be fantastic, for clarity’s sake here are the following resources I’ve already been using:


https://github.com/AYCRAL/meteor-apollo-flow (suppose that FlowRouter is no longer supported by anunoda)
https://github.com/davidyaha/graphql-redis-subscriptions (One of the apollo articles on medium told me to use this for production, though admittedly I’m about 0% sure what it does. )

I’m so lost right about now. Any advice is hugely appreciated.

Hey I think the title of this post isn’t very helpful, and it would be more productive to have separate threads asking more specific questions.


I agree with @Sashko. That’s really a strange title and post.

Can do, didn’t want to litter up the forums.

Essentially seems like things are shifting in new directions and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to adapt to changing meteor.

I can split it up.


I’ve split this into two separate threads:

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