Packag on Atmosphere - how to "clear" version numbers?

A few months ago I published a package on atmosphere. (nilsdannemann:pdfmake)
Its just a wrapper for the original pdfmake.

In my package.js I started version: "1.0.0" since that made sense to me at the time.

Now it was suggested by @serkandurusoy to use parallel version numbers instead. And since its just a wrapper that makes much sense.

Unfortunately the version number of the original pdfmake-plugin is 0.1.20.
So when I change my package.js accordingly meteor will still install the latest 1.x.x version since it thinks it’s newer.

How do I “clear” these version numbers?
Do I have to delete the plugin and publish it again?


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If this is just a wrapper for NPM pdfmake, then it might not matter after 1.3 since people will be able to use the one from NPM directly.

Ah, right. Okay.

So I’ll delete/hide the package completely from atmosphere? Or should I leave it there with a note in the docs to use the original npm package on meteor 1.3?

I’d leave it with the note.

@sashko on an unrelated matter, I keep having this problem with “reply by email”. I replied to this thread by email (with more than 20 characters) and it did not appear hear. I did not receive back a bounce or the usual “message too short” rejection either. You might want to ping discourse support with this thread as an example of missing email replies.