Package just hangs when extracting

Hi there, can someone please assist me.

I’ve tried adding the folowing package:

I desperately need to get this working but for some reason it just hangs on Extracting stolinski:stylus-multi@1.4… /

I even left it over night to run.

I’m using the latest version of meteor

Please any help would appreciated.

The package seems relatively old: so I am not sure it will work on 1.4 without issues.

Also there are issues related to Css which may cause conflicts:

To debug this issue: can you run meteor like:


That according to the post of @benjamn in that issue. It will show you where time is being spent. With that info we can debug further.

thank you for the advice, I will certainly look into it

same issue here , as for 1.4.1 it was working perfectly in my project … for some reason i had to reinstall all the packages and from that time … it hangs while extracting … .

yeah… i think the package owner will have to fix it to work with the latest version of meteor. such a pity though.

i did shift to jeet grid system … it looks much more better with more flexibility

ok cool, i will give that a try…thanks for the advice, as a matter of interest does it also use a .styl file?

yup …it does …
it is so good … give it a try …

can you advise the name of the package you used?

this is the one i used … mquandalle:stylus
make sure you remove all other css libraries to avoid any conflicts

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Similar situation.
I’m getting Meteor hanging “Extracting Coffeescript@1.0.17…”

It just sits there. What is up with Meteor?
It used to be productive, now I have to uninstall/reinstall because it never updates correctly (same as package installation not working after installing Meteor 1.4.1 on windows · Issue #7686 · meteor/meteor · GitHub ) and it randomly hangs trying to run things with no indication of what is going on. If it’s not that it’s this one Cannot update to Meteor · Issue #7703 · meteor/meteor · GitHub too.

It’s the anti-thesis of Rapid Development!

Excuse my venting. Coming back to Meteor to bootstrap a new MVP and it’s just one hurdle after another just to get it running nowdays it seems. Starting to eyeball other frameworks

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Can you show your build with that METEOR_PROFILE activated? Also be aware that it can take over an hour to build.

How do you set the METEOR_PROFILE=100 on windows using the console?
Your instructions above " METEOR_PROFILE=100 meteor" do not work in windows console.

then >>meteor as per normal?

Don’t run Windows but yes that’s what I see being done by others. You should see a large wall of text, post that in a code lock here then we can take a look. And be aware it will take some time, can be very long. So you might want to run it in another folder so it doesn’t block your work.

OK, I did that already. I use both PC and Mac (and iOS/Android) but prefer developing on windows.

Now it’s sitting on extracting coffeescript so I’ll leave it for a while… … …

brb (ty)

I’ve done a fair bit of development with Meteor before, and used to the sometimes longish build times, but this is different from what I’ve seen before. But I’ll leave it running for a while to make sure.

It is literally sitting on this:

=> Started proxy.
| (#1) Profiling: ProjectContext prepareProjectForBuild
=> Started MongoDB.
Extracting coffeescript@1.0.17… /

Ok…this is ridiculous. Hours later, nothing. It doesn’t take this long to build. It’s just sitting there on Extracting coffeescript@1.0.17… / with no feedback or anything.

Edit 2:
More googling turns up

Q: Does MDG actually bother to develop & test on Windows?

I had the same problem on Windows 10 using meteor
I explicitly add the coffeescript by typing >meteor add coffeescript.
This successfully finshed with coffeescript version 1.2.4_1.
After that I again added the ‘practicalmeteor:mocha’ package successfully.

I’m new to meteor, but maybe this helps.

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