Solution to Meteor hanging extracting package on Windows


There seems to be a fairly common problem with Meteor on windows where it just sits in the console with "Extracting [insert package name here]…


It’s difficult to know what is happening, it seems to be in an infinite loop but Meteor fails to fail gracefully and just sits there. None of the solutions proposed seem to work. MDG don’t seem interested in the problem.

It doesn’t give me confidence in the platform at all when a problem keeps occurring on Windows and no solution is forthcoming. It’s been around for quite a few versions and does not appear to be anywhere near solved.

If it at least failed you might be able to debug the it but it just sits there with no indication of what the problem is.
Have to say it’s probably my worst ever experience with a development platform ever, and I’ve used a lot of them.

I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled meteor (multiple times!), set Node at latest supported version, but meteor just happily sits there churning away extracting forever.

Does anybody know how to fix this or what is causing the issue?
Is there a simple solution to this?


More issues with extracting:

It would be great if Meteor could resolve these issues. It’s only Windows after all.


Meteor installation runs smoothly on my Windows 10 machine.
Try remove nodejs, delete temp folder and then just install Meteor only, after that, reininstall nodejs.


It works for some projects but others it just seems to extract forever.

But I’ll try an uninstall/reinstall…again.



I didn’t do an uninstall/reinstall (again) but took another tack.

FYI for future reference I finally seem to have resolved this, though I’m not 100% if the steps are all relevant.

Node 4.5

  • Uninstall existing unzip programs 7Zip, WinRAR or whatever. May be a possibility of conflict with Meteor extract, not 100% sure, but extract seems to work faster and completes now)
  • Use “Meteor npm install” if needed, instead of npm install (again, not 100% sure of this but seems to work)
  • Meteor update --all-packages
  • Meteor

Using this sequence I was finally able to get Meteor Chef Base 4.7 and Inspinia Full Version Meteor project running on Windows 10, after a bunch of frustrating errors with little indication as to what the true problem was.

Anyway, onwards and upwards.


I had the same issue on an older project where I was stuck on extracting templating@1.1.9 and none of the other methods helped.

What actually worked for me was to remove all the packages in the packages file and adding them back one by one. That way each package made sure it had the right dependencies included. I could see that some of them used older templating versions but eventually there was a package that had updated to a later one and that somehow didn’t take long to extract. After that I could run “meteor update” and “meteor update --all-packages” to have everything up to speed.

I’m not sure exactly what made templating@1.1.9 take forever, but I’m guessing there was some nested dependencies that would loop around and wait for some other dependency to resolve.

Anyway, hope this can help someone that’s still stuck on the issue.


Thanks for the info.

It would be nice if Meteor would fail gracefully (or I’d even settle for ungracefully) if it got into that situation and identified the package(s) at fault.