Paid mentor needed

Hi Forum

I am looking for a paid meteor code mentor and freelance dev to help me on a project. I am a “hobbyist” in a sense that development is not my source of income. I am trying to write a prototype for an app idea I have.

I am frustrated by my slow process and the feeling that the code I write is pretty bad. I have coding experience and have programmed websites in the past and played a lot with Meteor when it came firsts out.

I have written code before together with much more experienced devs and it was one of the most rewarding experiences, as by copying them and being able to discuss problems with them my quality of code increased tremendously.

You would review my code via gitlab and I would be able to ask you questions how to solve certain problems, ideally I would also pay you a few days a month to help out and write bits of code for the app, when progress is slow on my side or if things get too tricky. If the app receives traction I would love for you to stay involved but no requirement.

Payment could be per hour for mentoring and per day for development. I am open to suggestions. DM me with some refs if you are interested.

Its a super interesting project by itself, but you would need to sign an NDA.



How generous of you offering such payment. I saw learning meteor can be such daunting experience lately since their orientation shifted from templating engine like blaze to vdom based frontends like React and Vue.

Here I have something else you may want to look at. I built a boilerplate and several project codebase built on top of meteor and mithril framework. They heavily utilize lodash, livescript, and mithril which made them look cleaner, functional, and maintainable.

You may clone, fork, or learn it by each commits. I believe you’ll learn quickly, get realized how well meteor can help you write good codebase, and soon forgot your need to pay some. Sometimes good things are free

Here is the bolierplate I talked about
And you’ll find some other repos related to mithril which written by the same style

Hope it helps you through learning, and I’m looking forward what you can build with them


@thomastraum , you might want to check out They have a one-on-one mentorship program for $700/month. I have no direct experience with them, but the vast amount of articles written by Ryan (@themeteorchef ) have been very helpful and well written.

Also, you might want to consider contacting @serkandurusoy on this forum. I do not know if he can help you or if he is even dealing with Meteor anymore but if I’m not mistaken he has worked as a freelancer and offered mentoring in the past. What I do know however, solely from his posts on the forum, is that his skills in the field are considerably above average, has a knack for explaining complex topics well, has always been very polite and to top if off, has a rather commendable command of the English language. A promising combination, I’d say.

Lastly, @rikyperdana, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but it never ceases to amaze me how strong an opposition there is in open source circles to paying even a dime for learning. Yes, there are a lot of free resources online to learn from. Especially now when google and stackoverflow can effortlessly answer half the questions you run into (certainly was not the case back in the late 90s when I had my first stint in the field). But at the end of the day, production level software development still has a considerable barrier to entry that requires skills and experience. Even in web development. And just like any other resource that is high in demand and low in supply, these two come at a cost. This is only natural. If paid mentorship is the element that will transform a would-be project into an actual one and the parties can reach an agreement on price, then not using this option would be strange, not the other way around.


I second @vooteles recommendations. @serkandurusoy and @themeteorchef are both very knowledgeable guys.


I can :100: % confirm that @serkandurusoy still works with Meteor, and that everything said here about him is true. Your search has ended - he’s your mentor. If you can somehow convince @robfallows to take time away from answering every post on this forum (and probably the Internet), then he’d be a good fit as well. :smiley:


I’m going to join the competition. I’m a freelancer with years of experience in building Meteor apps, tools and packages.


thanks so much for all the recommendations and thoughts, I am super excited and will get in touch with everyone in the next few days!


Hey @vooteles, appreciate the mention!

@thomastraum, this sounds like a good fit for Clever Beagle. We work with you 1-on-1 each week to develop your product idea. We teach you an organizational process, pair program to implement features (and help fix bugs), and help with strategy, too. If you have any questions, just shoot me an email directly:


Thank you @vooteles @robfallows and @hwillson for your generous praise.

@thomastraum I love mentoring as long as I have time and the mentee is genuinely pationate about learning and I do it for free, given that, they pass it on by helping others. We can do this by recording our sessions (your mention of an NDA kind of implies this might not be possible) and publishing them live on youtube and/or you writing blog posts (perhaps medium articles for better discoverability) after each session, outlining what you’ve learned, replying to questions on this forum (if you can find one left unanswered by @robfallows or @hwillson) and the Meteor tag on stack overflow. The idea is paying forward!

Meteor has one of the most helpful and selfless communities I’ve ever seen. This contributes immensely to making Meteor stand out.

Now I do also continue (paid) freelancing (which explains my lack of responsiveness and activity on this forum lately) but since I do that exclusively for programming and not mentoring, I am not as organized and professional as a mentor as @cleverbeagle would be because mentoring is a business for him and you might have better mileage with their structured approach. I’d be more like an excited labrador pup compared to their clever beagle :wink:

I hope I am not causing any more confusion for you than you might already have with coding, but I have a good feeling that you are on the right track. You seeking out a mentor and being willing to pay for it speaks a lot (in a good way) about your commitment and that’s what counts in the end!

Let me know if you want to try my “free” approach and best of luck with your app idea!


@serkandurusoy, that’s such a great attitude! :clap: And also a cool way to do it. Often blog posts are written by experts but it can be hard for people with experience in an area to see things from the perspective of a beginner sometimes. So showing them the ropes and then getting them to write it up from their POV would be ideal for other beginners (and experienced folk alike).
I hope others follow your example.


@marklynch thank you :slight_smile: and yes you’re right on point about conveying the correct perspective through that of the learner. Indeed, I myself try to find a few such articles on topics I want to learn before digging into deeper ones and official docs. The freecodecamp community on medium stands out on that regard.

I’ve done two full products start from scratch to finished published product with and a year ago I didn’t even know what Meteor was (was all Microsoft, .net, SQL). Ryan over there helped me quickly get used to everything while we built it together until I was good enough to go on my own. Definitely recommended!


@serkandurusoy sorry about the late reply. I would love to make this an open process and your offer of mentoring for free is very veryu generous. I feel I cant because of the time commitment involved with writing everything up or generally documenting and because I want to develop the app not publicly. Thats why I am happy to pay someone. This is an experiment for me though so I am open to revisit any aspect of the process at any time.

@thomastraum I definitely do understand your hard requirement for keeping this in stealth mode. In this case, perhaps you would like to contact @cleverbeagle since they already have a proven process in place for paid mentoring.

Best of luck with your app! :slight_smile:

PS: sorry for my late reply, I’ve been travelling this past week with some limited connectivity and will not be back home another couple of days.