Part of what makes Meteor awesome? The podcasts

I just wrote this in :vertical_traffic_light: TRANSMISSION #2: broadcasting the latest from Meteor Forums: but I think it deserves to be said in its own thread.

The podcasts really are a superb resource, for anyone who isn’t listening to them I’d really advise doing so. And for those who are new to Meteor, I’d say start there, you’ll be so excited by the time you finish listening to them you’ll have three MVPs done before breakfast (it’s 06:39am here in the UK and I’ve already done two… I’m getting hungry though).

Notable mentions to @abhiaiyer, @awatson1978, @faceyspacey and @deanius for great guest appearances too (I haven’t listened to the rest of the Meteor interviews yet).

This is a list of the great Meteor podcasts I’ve found to date:
Meteor Club Podcast
Transmission Podcast
Crater podcast
Discover Meteor podcast
Meteor Interviews

There are also some really good React ones:
React podcast
React Native Radio podcast

Update: Also well worth keeping an eye on is Meteor’s YouTube channel, a lot of interesting content there too:
Official Meteor YouTube channel

I’d love to hear about any I’ve missed.


:cupid: for podcasts… :slightly_smiling:
but :cupid::cupid::cupid: for podcasts with subtitles! :slight_smile:

For people with hearing disorder like me or who don’t know English that well.


You left out the Meteor Club Podcasts :slight_smile:


Thanks for the mention. It’s all really because @joshowens blazed the trail for the rest of us!


Many apologies @joshowens, Meteor Club Podcast was definitely supposed to be on that list, it’s an excellent listen. Updated now.

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@tomRedox, first link is stale. Thanks for the post.

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Thanks @ramez, fixed now

Probably should mention the Ben & Abhi Show, I love that it grew out of the Spacedojo Slack channel!

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On the subject of Youtube, I am actually really curious what type of content people are looking to consume around Meteor on youtube? I have a Youtube channel, but I am kicking around new series ideas and would love to hear more ideas.

Do you know any good way of generating subtitles from money? Like, is there a service we can use to get the subtitles? Also, does this mean YouTube is a better format? I don’t know of any way to get subtitles on audio-only podcasts.

There are plenty of services that will do transcription for you, just takes time and money to get it done. Finding the good transcribers is the tricky part… You can find a ton of them on Fiverr as an easy place to start, Also, upwork is a great place to find people too. I outsource most of my podcast production to Upwork and focus on making the content.

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I think we might try doing some transcriptions using Rev, let’s see how it goes!

Thanks @danahmadi for the idea.

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We got subtitles to happen, thanks to @danahmadi! Great quote, @benstr :slightly_smiling:


(whispers) Don’t be nervous
Ben, don’t be nervous

Priceless choice of screenshot :joy:


Thanks @tomRedox for the encouragement!! I echo @abhiaiyer , @joshowens is the podcast grandfather of us all! :slight_smile: You are making a great legacy.


That makes me extremely happy! Long live @sashko, @benstr and whole MDG!!! :cupid:

I have to say I am totally impressed and it really shows that MDG cares for the Meteor community, for such a thing to be addressed and managed so quickly. That’s a great thing imho.