Poll: Semantic-UI, Boostrap or Material-UI for React


I know this question was asked before but we didn’t get many responses. Please vote for your preferred UI framework for React apps

  • Semantic-UI + React
  • Bootstrap3 + React
  • Material-UI + React
  • Other UI + React (write in your reply)

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Additional comments welcome regarding which other UI frameworks you tried what you liked/disliked about using them with React.


I’ve been playing with UIKit lately. The react-uikit-base and other npms I tried ended up requiring node 4 and don’t work with Meteor 1.3, so I’m just using a meteor package from atmosphere. So far, I like it. It looks ‘fresher’ than Bootstrap to me, and has some great effects built in like parallax scrolling. Plus it uses flexbox so I can finally center content on the screen both horizontally AND vertically without fighting with bootstrap. :slight_smile:


IMHO, bootstrap is a “necessary devil” for rapid iterations due to its adoption by component developers.

At one point, though, for a growing business with its native look and feel, a reset accompanied by app-specific styles (sass/less) and components would be the way to go.


I’m working with React Toolbox now. Also uses Material design.
You could also add Materialize to the list I guest.


Yeah, I think the options for material-ui are:

MaterializeCSS is an option too, but, I think it’s silly when using to react to go to the trouble of using a complex div/css setup.

Of the other options, some if it has been discussed in other threads, but from my own experience, material-UI is more complete, but super non-performant. When you figure this out, you’ll find performance threads dating back as far as Nov 14. I think they’re closer to implementing a fix for this (using react-look from what I recall, for more performant theming), but something to be aware of.

React-toolbox is a lot less complete, but much faster… I’m using this currently for a small project and they’re very open to PRs and Meteor support, which is great. Using via nathantreid’s css-modules package.

I never had a chance to check out Essence, I believe it has a greater focus on mobile with it’s own grid system, iirc.

Should also add React-Ionic to the list (haven’t tried it yet myself).


Thanks for the links! There are a lot more UI frameworks for React than I was aware of! Seems I can no longer edit the poll options (after 5 minutes from posting). Perhaps we’ll run another poll again in this same thread after we’ve gotten some more replies in a few days.


React-Toolbox looks pretty good! Can you tell us a bit more about your experience with it? The good, the bad and the ugly?


Well, I just started as well, so can’t tell you much yet. But I like it. :slight_smile: