Polymer 1.0 test failed



I would try to add the brand new polymer 1.0 on my project.

I have this error:
bad formatting in HTML template for each polymer element.

Have you try the new version of polymer ?

Web components support

If you are using differential package from the demo https://github.com/Differential/polymer-demo, then add the meteor package “differential:vulcanize” like so meteor add differential:vulcanize, then start your app by running meteor within parent directory of your meteor project.


The differential package was build with a < 1.0 version.

I think you had just not created a public folder before using polymer.
meteor create polymer
mkdir public
meteor add loneleeandroo:polymerize
bower install --save PolymerElements/iron-elements
bower install --save PolymerElements/paper-elements

Now are all iron and paper elements installed and ready to use.
The loneleeandroo:polymerize does all the magic four you. It has differential:vulcanize
included and generates a import links for you.

A example repo for this:

But you cant build an android apk file with polymer, but I think thats an meteor issue.
Polymer 1.0 is really great. Good elements and very easy to use.
The google docs are very poor at the moment, but I think they will improve it.