Potential server costs of internal dashboard app



I’m a novice programmer- apologies for the vague question. I’m currently working on a marketing dashboard for the place I currently work. It will be tracking top-level social/email/web analytics of around 30 clients.

Would collecting data cause high server costs over the long run?



Following some basic assumptions that you will have few users (probably less than 100) and the data you’ll get from the analytics services will not require complicated, long-running data calculations, will you be needing a large server?


On the contrary, you can start off with $5/month digital ocean servers and grow (horizontally) as you go.

If you want to host a server on premise and use an actual physical server, the smallest possible one you’ll be able to find will most likely hold up just fine for a long time.

But I may be wrong due to the assumptions I make. After all, the amount of computing power you require depends on the type of your app and the kinds of workflows it will serve and the type and amount of load the users will impose.