I rely on for easy caching of my Meteor sites for search engines. Been a customer for over 5 years. Today, learned they are tripling my rate (with no change in my usage). Are there any drop-in alternatives others are using?

the Prerender service is included as part of Meteor Cloud (Galaxy) at no additional cost
SEO with Prerender | Galaxy Docs :raised_hands:t2:

Same - can’t believe they’re hiking from $9 to $99 haha

They have a community version that you can run on your own 1GB RAM Ubuntu. I had it for the past 3-4 years and I am really fine with it. Installing it required some learning of NGINX. If I am not wrong, Netlify uses it as well.
@dr.dimitru runs a service (not really sure if this is him) Web services for web development ·


Ostrio looks perfect! (better actually). Thanks!!

Nice, that’s a good benefit. Galaxy is not priced well for my use case (currently paying ~$500/mo with Digital Ocean, comparative setup on Galaxy would be ~$4000/mo).

Those are actually big savings. How much do you have to spend to manage the deployment? do you run into any issues or hang ups? is great! highly recommend

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