Presentation of Comet-CMS an easy and powerful content manager for meteor


Hello everyone,

I’m working on a CMS for Meteor called Comet-CMS for > COffeescript METeor CMS, it’s a “WordPress like CMS”. The aim of this project is to create a blog or any else website easily and quickly.

1. Architecture

I split the application in two sides Administration and Viewer to obfuscate the admin code on the viewer part (thank you @hwillson )

##a. Admin
The admin application, allow you to manage post, page and every content of the website, public medias will be uploaded on the viewer part.

You will may have some analytics plugins on this part.
And you will may manage not one website but a network of websites with the admin application. Using a role level to manage websites manager access.

##b. Viewer

This part is a simple meteor application with a defined architecture and functions used to access content. Allow you to download Template and just put it in your template directory.

I split content and header of article in the database to reduce data transfer between server and client. By example for a post you can only download title and all meta information without content. If you load the content server send you the right content as JSON and client build for HTML view.

The viewer application can’t write in the database. To create a user, or comment you need to use a Rest API on the admin application.

2. Plugins

##a. Viewer Plugin

Just add the plugin in the “Plugin directory” (one in server, one in both, one in client) and use Global function in your application. or add name of the plugin in plugins.json application will download it at start-up.

 server :
both :
client :

##b. Admin plugins :

Same protocol than viewers plugins but, you can define you plugins for specifics websites in your network and need an specific access level.

Plugins for both :
If you want create or use a plugin for both part. The communication between two applications use a Rest API.

3. Packages :

A list of packages used for each application. Can be upgrade soon.

##a. Viewer :

b.Admin :

twbs:bootstrap //facilitate interface for admin view
nimble:restivus //Api Rest package

#4. Licence :

I want this project as a community project and free.
So I use The MIT License .

#5. About project and it future :

When the first release will be finished, I will create the website of the project withe the CMS to communicate about it.

At this time, I am working alone on the project. So I reduce time for communication and I’m focus on development.

I will upload on a git the viewer part next week.

I am really interested in you opinions or questions about Comet-CMS. And what you expect for this kind of project. If you want help me in the project it’s open.


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