Tinymce Template Package

Hi. !
To develop my CMS project I create a Tinymce editor template package. This editor looks like the WordPress editor.

You can find this one here with documentation.

It’s an easy package to include a WYSIWYG editor you just have to add {{> tinymce_editor}} in your template there are two possible arguments :

  • content : to insert an existing text.
  • id : to add an id at the editor content.

It’s my first package and I will be really happy to get feedback .


I use http://ckeditor.com/ myself. What are pros to using Tinymce over CKEditor? I remember talking to one of their reps – seemed like a lot of upsell.

Tinymce is a basic editor,ckeditor have more plugins and specific functions. But on my opinion I chose Tinymce for two reason :

  • Try to have same editor than WordPress (and because it’s for a more important project)
  • And because I am targeting first basic publishing structures (blog, small sites etc).