Print specific parts of an html page


Hello !

Well, i am working on an app where a part of it, consists on generating bills for clients.
I am using autoform and tabular.
The bill contains certain information presented in a table.
I only need to print this table (on the html page) to PDF or docx.



In the past I solved the exact same problem by sending the inner html of the table to the server (if I remember correctly, I used Meteor.methods for this). On the server, inside the handler I merged the inner html with the CSS(Bootstrap), which was read at startup and gave the result to phantomjs.


There are lots of jquery and pure javascript solutions that basically take an element, create a temporary iframe (or popup) with the contents of the frame, inject in a print.css or page’s own css, and then call the browser’s print method.

Here’s an example:

You can do something like this or use any one of the hundreds of plugins/scripts that turn out for a google search on “print part of page with javascript”


Thank you guys for your replies
I will try the solutions you proposed
Hope they’ll help :smile: