Problem update to 2.3

Yes sure your app is crashing because of this error:

You need to set stream_server for Object.Streamy.init (packages/yuukan_streamy.js:578:25)

Check your config, this is something specific to your app.

I just explained why in my previous post

Login and Session are two different things

Check what is running on port 9229

It was working fine before I updated and as soon as I reversed the update the error went away. So it’s not yukan_streamy

How can I do this? As written in another answer, the error went away as soon as I reversed it. So between the two versions, something is started on port 9229 every time (not just when using debug mode but also when in run mode).


lsof -i :9229

That seems to tell it :wink:

Google can give you a better answer on that one depending on your OS

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Hey RJ, my wife knows anything better (even than Google) :wink:

Try using Occam’s razor, work from the error back and you will know why.

The update changed something. When you revert it changes it back. The error is the clue.

Thanks but as a 1 man company I don’t have time to solve Meteor initiated problems. I have a working version 2.2.1 and will continue to focus on maintaining my app and develop new features.

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink

Thanks for the insight, I am lucky then as I’ve always stored my session stuff inside of the user object. I guess Session is for guests? Why not just use localstorage instead of sessions then?

Session is special because of reactivity. So those who wanted both reactivity and have data to persist between sessions can use that package

Ok I see so you don’t need to subscribe to get Session data right?

No, you don’t

(and more characters to reach minimum)

Ok now I get it sorry for the slow uptake wasn’t sure why I’d need them. It sounds ideal for carrying around some data with the user and having it there instantly. I could put things from my user object into the session also because I hate that little lag while the subscription connects.

I’ll trying giving it a whirl soon. Do you know how the persistency is achieved? Is this database backed sessions or how does it save it? Thanks dude

Through local storage

So it’s exactly the same as the user object bud

Not sure how many times I need to repeat this

Session also works without the need of a user account. So no, they are not the same.

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What’s the point in using Sessions?

It’s work find for Solution #2