Problem update to 2.3

Could you please post your code change to cultofcoders:persistent-session have the same issue - thanks

i was facing same problem, but after see your comments i solve it, so thank you sharing your comments

Package.onUse(function (api) {
  // api.versionsFrom('0.9.1')
  api.versionsFrom(['0.9.1', '2.3']);
  api.use(['jquery', 'amplify', 'tracker', 'reactive-dict', 'session', 'underscore', 'ejson']);
  // If `accounts-base` is loaded, we have to make sure that this package is
  // loaded after `accounts-base` is, so we specify `weak: true` here
  api.use('accounts-base', { weak: true });
  api.addFiles('lib/persistent_session.js', 'client');
  api.export('PersistentSession', ['client']);

I changed from api.versionsFrom('0.9.1') to api.versionsFrom(['0.9.1', '2.3'])