Production Meteor apps

Do you know any serious production apps written in Meteor? What have you written in Meteor?

I know:

My apps:


Wow you’re going to get a lot of responses to this :smile:

I’ll start — at Differential we’ve built more than 30 Meteor apps… here are a few:


I made one! Currently a few hundred users, all really love the product! (both the site and mobile app are in Meteor) (the mobile app is in Meteor)

My company is using Meteor for its product, available at

Here some Meteor apps I’ve worked on:

Here’s one I worked on that is in open beta:

CHASER is built with Meteor. It helps business improve their cash-flow by helping get their invoices paid on time.

Recent London Devshop talk:

We’re big fans of Meteor, growing fast, and hiring:

We just released yesterday (sign up to the beta with the invite code “dayoneaccess”).

edgee is a new medium to share your favorite content in carefully curated collections. Pick a theme, add a few links and some nice pics, and see your collection grow. Then play with it: edit, annotate, highlight, rearrange. Add your own spin to it, and share it to the world!

The edgee team is behind the edgee:slingshot package that got good press a few weeks ago, and we’re planning to open-source more packages in the future.

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Released this earlier in the week:

Running on a Modulus box with 1-2 servos (set to auto scale) and a DB through w/ Oplog enabled. Have Mr. @arunoda’s fabulous Kadira running, too, to yell at me for performance.

I wrote Penledge, which is my side project at the moment. It’s the ultimate in figuring out a product fit via the MVP model – it doesn’t even have a proper landing page, is regularly broken in minor ways, and only has three users who all belong to the same team. I’m even going so far as to taking the open development model via having a public trello board with ideas and bugs so that way users know exactly what is going on.

It’s a daily journal for teams, or individuals, to capture their thoughts and accomplishments about a particular day. With regular use, it becomes extremely valuable via the search functionality to get the context of why decisions were made, and essentially becomes a self-maintaining wiki (or at least that’s the ultimate goal, not quite there yet).

@elfoslav Faster Chat is awesome! :+1:

We Work Meteor - launched 2/14 - first full featured meteor specific job board and developer listing
redesigned/updated last week

TORSH Talent - launched 2/13, built when I worked at TORSH
I think this may have been the very first commercial meteor app in production. Anybody have a commercial (eg paid for by end users) app live in production before this?

Focused on bitcoin trading and well-made. Whaleclub


@eymiha and I are building Recess. It’s like Meetup + Kickstarter for exercise.
(Beware, there are only events in Burlington and Boston for now.)
Feel free to PM me with feedback!

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Whoa, that live orderbook is cool.

I have a Quora answer for this one:


@slava Officeware is a real-time marketplace for office supplies with built-in inventory, requisitions and invoices management. - an American-style draft fantasy football game for the English Premier League.

I have my personal portfolio and blog developed with meteor