Production Meteor apps

I made a petitioning application for my college:

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We’ve created mmmelon, a multi platform solution that visually combines everything that is important in project and team management. It’s built for every kind of professional, it promotes collaborative work, even between companies.

It’s a really big Meteor project all custom designed. Web only at the moment but we’re already working on native apps for iOS and Android.

It would be great if you could give it a try!

Me and some friends I graduated with created an app using Meteor and the awesome meteoric:ionic fork of iconic that displayed salary, unemployment/employment rates and other information on different industries using Canada’s “Open Data” platform a couple of weeks ago. Check it out (and vote for us if you like it :smile:) here.

My personal app Linkly
"Easily collaborate around links and ideas with Linkly" -

And we’re using Meteor for our startup Platfarm -

Checkout, which is open source. It’s a very large project (Anime Database, Tracker, Social platform) you can find the repository here:

Homemovies - Movie information and trailers. Keep custom watchlists for quick access and organization. Mostly just a project I worked on to learn Meteor with. Using TMDB’s API (will soon have a package for)

We use Meteor a lot at tapevents :wink:

Signed up a week or so ago (Product Hunt) and only just read here that it is built in Meteor, great site! Having a play around now and built this page:

Will share it around, any eta on Markdown formatting for text?

@lbee Thanks for your comment!

We’re considering many new features right now, but our main focus is making sure creating edgees is as easy as possible for users. So although we’ve discussed many times, for now we’re a bit shy about adding rich text editing, we fear it will make things seem more complicated. But we’re working hard on finding a good way to implement it! Thanks for tuning in!


Probably a good call, go hard, hope it all goes well for you guys.

We have build our yacht server based on UDOO arm and developed all apps and functions by a meteor app for desktop and mobile. The meteor server instance is communicating real-time via MQ, I2C, Serial and CanBus to a number of sensors to collect data: We are pretty happy with the decision to use meteor.

Edthena is a video collaboration app for teachers. We launched the meteor version in August of 2013 and have had impressive user and revenue growth since then. Also note: we are hiring!

We built


for the US Government, as part of the DARPA Crowd Sourced Formal Verification project.

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+1 Phanime! nice open source large scale meteor code base

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[Dominus Game][1] - online open source multiplayer game.
Lots of fun, quite addictive, I had to stop because it was eating up all my time.

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I’m building that one :

Not really an app ; more a traditional web site. But meteor has been a great tool to build it :smile:

I just release a online version of the RoboRally board game, completely written in Meteor on

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We wrote this visual planning tool with Meteor couple of years ago:

Now working on another product to be announced soon…

Checkout flowkey!
We have almost 20k users and are building a product that allows you to learn how to play the piano with the help of your computer in a interactive fashion. Been using Meteor since 0.6


@smow This thing looks amazing, nice work!

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