Production Meteor apps

This is a nice roundup of Meteor apps in production, and I’d suggest submitting your apps to ChallengePost, where others outside this forum can encounter the cool stuff powered by Meteor.

My entries:

  • StockBase - financial news aggregator I helped build last year
  • Knotable - probably the largest Meteor app in production that nobody has heard of!
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We have just launched our app using meteor.
It’s a job board exclusive for remote hiring.
Currently there aren’t many jobs but we are looking to change that soon,
maybe with your help? :smile:

This looks really cool, except the site is not loading for me :frowning: It’s stuck on loading

Here is one I’ve built for some friends some time ago, and now they are using in production :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I built Packlane, an application/service that makes it easy for small businesses to create custom-branded packaging. The app includes a live 3D preview (built with three.js) that lets you upload artwork to various packaging designs.

P.S. we’re on Product Hunt too if you like it


Holy crap! Packlane is amazing and beautiful.


I want to see it but for some reason you’re flagged as adult with trendmicro…
Access denied by Trendmicro URL categoriser
The requested URL belongs to the following category
01/04/2015 13:04:45

That’s really odd — I’ve never heard of Trendmicro before. Is there any way to unflag it?

Might need to submit report to trendmicro that it’s not porn?

Hi, miriam, I am on a way you made your app (check: It made with Meteor and would be grate to have a little chat about how to organiza visual constructor, if you dont mind

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Wow. I’ve been a whaleclub user and I didn’t know it’s built on Meteor!

That’s a cool app, I think it is a good show-case app since there are several popular startups in SF just selling custom T-shirts. Good job on this :smile:

The app that @jkatzen and I are working on is a production meteor app. It has come a long way from when it was first presented at a meteor devshop a long time ago.

Thanks, we are on pre-beta now. I’ll post it here after a few fixes and redisign.

Sure! I’d be happy to chat. Feel free to shoot me an email:

Excellent, looks great but I can’t access to free contents :frowning:
I have messages in the console (OS X , FF 37.0.2)

  • dozens of “SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data”
  • “Translation for key 'undefined” is missing!"
  • “Translation of ‘LY’ requested outside of a reactive context!” (dozens too with 2 letters)
  • “Translation for key 'co” is missing!"

thanks for letting me know, looks like a problem with the translation, I’ll look into it

Finally i can join this post!!! :smile:

Made an overview of some of the Meteor apps in production. Added yours also @giggioz, looks awesome.

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Jerry Stories - Short funny stories everyday to make you laugh and smile.
We launch it few days ago and would really appreciate some feedback!