React + React router v4 + Meteor 1.5 + authentication example app


I am looking for a simple example with react, react router v4 with authentication. A simple example with:

  • home page not logged in (with login button)

  • some authenticated pages (protected pages)

  • redirecting to loggin page if a protected page is accessed while user is not logged in

Many thanks for any help you can provide

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I just got started using React in my Meteor projects and this would be very useful to me too. Any sort of example repo or something!

Maybe this article will help you


this is the best example of a boilerplate meteor app that i know of at the moment, it seems to meet your requirements and is being actively developed so i’d expect it to maintain a close relationship with the latest meteor and react versions.



Hey, guys did you encountered anything new in that subject?

Try the react branch of the Meteor Guide’s reference app, todos.

I will, thanks. One question though. Do I need to implement SSR for that?

todos isn’t currently using server-side rendering.

Hi, checkout a package I’ve recently published meteoreact:useraccounts (the repo has some examples).
It proides a set of customizable authentication/accounts components which you can just drop into your app (it’s a react alternative to the original useraccounts package).

Also, this post might be helpful if you are planning to use React.


This may help. It uses Meteor, React, Apollo and has all the login pages. It also has PWA features. Hope it helps


I have my personal starter kit here:

Follow the instructions on, and it should work out of the box.