Recommended text editor (for beginner and easy debugging)

Hi everyone

Does anyone have suggestion on text editor for easy debugging for beginners?
I m trying to build a small web app but nothing is shown on the localhost port when running it. I tried to look for the error but its hard to find it.

Thank you

I use Sublime Text, it’s simple but powerful. If Meteor isn’t starting, it should tell you in the console which file is causing the error and which line the error occurs on.

Have a look here. Plenty of suggestions, but the favourite seems to be sublime text 3.
Check out the package that Slava put together for it which makes coding even easier.

edit: just realised you said for debugging?
as @hellstad said, the browser console is the best place to check for errors.
if nothing is showing on localhost:3000 (check that you’re loading port 3000) then it should print errors in the terminal window…

oh my bad, thanks @cstrat, I meant to say terminal but I always get those two mixed up…

I’m a fan of webstorm for integrated client/server debugging, but you can take a look at @arunoda’s article on debugging which is ide/editor agnostic.