Research: Why Entrepreneurs Choose Meteor?


We have asked several successful entrepreneurs why they had chosen Meteor for their projects. Here are their answers


@striletskyy, And also Meteor just becomes popular everywhere (привет из Новосибирска!)


I just see a blank page.


+1 blank page also in here


Works for me on Chrome + Mac.


Chrome on Mac, still no go. Very strange.

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Guys, thanks for your remarks. It is very strange behavior.
We will fix ASAP. Meanwhile, you can read the article from the screenshot.


We had the same problem as here Chrome 51 broke 5 month old Meteor site.
Now it works fine. Why Entrepreneurs Choose MeteorJS?


I don’t see many startups using it when I browse angel list. Maybe 60 out of 5-10K on there


There are much more applications.

Meteor has many problems at the moment, but it is convincingly good solution for MVP. Apollo Stack maybe is an attempt to make a solution for the enterprises development.


meteor + atmosphere packages is hands down the best solution for an MVP.

I personally think MDG should focus less on trying to target meteor at bay area startups and focus more on small-to-medium size dev shops. The kind of shops who are still using PHP and probably not even leveraging a PHP framework while they do it. I think 90% of this dev shop market could care less about react/angular/sail.js/backbone/refluxidux and just would love blaze + meteor 1.2.

On the subject, what do people consider “enterprise development”?

By my definition, that’s folks who would have almost no interest in meteor. They’re using .NET or Java (or even drupal) and are probably dealing with legacy code more than starting new projects… but maybe my definition differs?