Chrome 51 broke 5 month old Meteor site

My meteor site which I haven’t updated in months recently stopped working. Clicking links to documents display the message

Oops, looks like there's no route on the client or the server for url: 

I spend an hour trying different things. Even my local dev version of the site with 5 month old data and also no changes is not working. I’m trying to think what else it could be. I think maybe it’s one of my extensions so I try Chrome Canary. Still Broke. Then I think maybe it’s Chrome itself. So I try Firefox. BINGO! Site still works fine in Firefox and in Safari.

Ugh! Well. … Time to figure out why

This is actually the latest update to chrome breaking Iron Router. I’ve seen a couple posts now about this issue. Unfortunately I’m not sure of what the fix would be and I don’t think you’ll see a fix coming from Iron Router any time soon.

Just for reference, the following threads have posts pertaining to the same issue.

And the commit that fixed


Thanks for that! That helped me figure out what to look for and there’s a fix


Something in the latest version of Chrome broke Iron Router.

To fix: run meteor update iron:middleware-stack, if that doesn’t work, ensure all routes in your route definitions are named. See issue #1297.


Yeah. @brewhk is right. I has to do with the latest update made by Chrome.

Just run the meteor update iron:middleware-stack to fix it.

There’s a simple fix which is to have a defined name for every route. The issue is actually that chrome added the name parameter to functions, which in the past for anonymous functions wouldn’t exist. This is chrome attempting to help with debugging, but actually breaking things. Kind of annoying…

Thanks for the update! I actually noticed this last night on a demo site I have. I had no idea what happened.

Isn’t there another step to make this fix permanent on the next reboot?

Whenever meteor restarts the changes are lost. How do I make this permanent?