Restarting after a pause

Hey guys,

i’ve been with Meteor for a bit over a year now but have never been as deep into as i wished. Even worse: I’ve not been into it for quite a while now and not beeing a programmer at real life i feel like i have to start from the basics - well not completely but i really forgot a lot.

I wonder what you think will get me into it again quickly. I do have a small project ahead that i want to do and also have a rough deadline for it (3 Weeks) so i think there’s enough pressure to get started.

As i didn’t follow the changes in 1.2 completely i wonder if it’s still a good idea to use things like Discover Meteor still to learn from - it doesn’t seem to be updated for 1.2 - is this relevant?

Thanks in advance for giving me a hand :slight_smile:

Maybe try to get some best practices here: New MDG project: The Meteor Guide

@lucfranken thanks - am i getting wron what you would want to show me? Think this project has not even started yet when it comes to the guide itself, right?

One of the upcoming questions while trying to get up-to-date on Meteor to me is if it’s still worth to invest in Blaze or if i - even as a relatively beginner - should right start with React. After reading this from @sashko i have some doubts.

What is shows in the github repository and the discussions in that topic gives you an idea of how the community things about certain subjects. A clear document with clear decisions is not ready yet. The guide project is your best bet on this, no perfect answer available yet.

Discover Meteor was great and still explains things very well but it uses for example Iron router where other solutions are upcoming so I am not sure how that will hold. It is for sure not the definitive guide anymore unfortunately. But still it’s one of the best sources. Until MDG makes some decisions and the guide is finished there is not much which is better. Certainly not for the essence of Meteor.

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well maybe it is still good to go with Blaze and Iron Router then even though React and Flowrouter seems to be somehow the smarter approach but i haven’t seen any real good guides with them yet and i’m afraid i think i need such a good guide to get in again.

Thanks for helping and sorry that somehow misunderstood you.

No problem!

My general advice would be to go with blaze (for simplicity) and flow router (also for simplicity). Problem is that’s my opinion. It’s a complicated discussion. I can just list my experience:

  • Blaze is complete (not much issues you will encounter) and almost all examples are made with it.
  • Iron router: I seem to run into different issues because it’s doing a lot of things. Flow router does not much but it works well for routing. They advice template level subscriptions which is also a great start because that’s also very clear and visible technique.