¡Risen from the ashes! Meteor Mantra Kickstarter refurb

There’s a new old addition to the various boiler plate and quick start Meteor application examples.

Its original developer team abandoned the old Meteor Mantra Kickstarter.

I forked it.

Please check out the freshly renewed Meteor Mantra Kickstarter. As the badges show it is now fully up to date with Meteor

CircleCI Dependency Status devDependency Status Join the chat at https://gitter.im/meteor-mantra-kickstarter/MeteorMantraKickStarter Commitizen friendly

Now you get :

Please kick the tires of the refurbished Meteor Mantra Kickstarter and take it for a test drive.

The future of the Mantra Talk forum is uncertain, but certainly won’t continue to be Meteor specific, given Arunoda’s attitude, so I’m choosing to move discussion to this forum here, where it’ll get a wider audience in any case.


Thank you so much!

  1. for bringing a timely reminder of Meteor magic
  2. for what looks to be just the ticket for the subscription/customer side of my current project…especially as Im terrible with testing. …never seen this because i was not keen on learning another thing (Mantra) at the time of the React shift
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Hey @pal

I’ve dedicated a huge amount of time to this thing, so your words are hugely appreciated.

I’m really looking forward to the day someone actually starts to work with it. I’d love to have some collaborators!


Great work…theres so much in there I’ll get into this over the weekend

I just read your posts over on the mantra forum.
Don’t be discouraged by lack of appreciation.
Even the likes of MDG are having to put up with seething negativity on their own forum.
Its getting like HN.
I’d rather focus on doing, so don’t care to find out why it is so.
Meteor is brilliant. Ditto Blaze, Apollo, React …
We’re so lucky all round

Lets look forward to more constructive things with MMK here…

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Thank you, again!

Actually the low level of appreciation doesn’t matter too much. I’m creating what I figure I need for a complete freelancer platform. I’m adding all the bits that I’ve always thought Meteor ought to have provided already. It’s just disappointing that I have attracted no collaborators, so far.


I’m doing final testing of a new thing that I hope will really get attention. :sunglasses:

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HN = Hacker News, once upon a time a place of interest and critical appreciation

May I ask…freelancer platform a la WeWork/PeoplePerHour… (work marketplace), 99designs (spec marketplace) or client management etc.

“freelancer” means me or anyone else who wants a platform on which to build apps for people

I have a friend with a little factory and I have been helping him with applications that give him remote view and control over what’s happening with production and sales, all done in Google Apps Script. :dizzy_face: MMK is the basis on which we’ll rewrite everything properly. The latest addition, isomorphic CRUD in a Node package, is a key element in being able to keep the Kickstarter growing in generic functionality, while also adding very specific problem domain functionality.

Thanks for this fork @warehouseman, it’s amazing.

I allready work with the basic mantra architecture, but all your additions are awesome !
So I’ll look at this to update my project.

Personnaly, I use react-router with my mantra Kickstarter, it can do more things than FlowRouter.

One question, have you look on SSR ?

And what about https://github.com/mantrajs/mantra-cli ?

@rlespagnol Thank you very much for you kind words.

I’m still working full time on the Kickstarter, but in a different repo. My goal is to have a really complete starter app that I can continuously improve as Meteor advances.


  • building for automated deployment
  • GraphQL

Flow Router is serving its purpose for now and I don’t really have a use case for SSR. However, I am certain others see differently. If you have the skills to upgrade MMKS with those two features I would be absolutely delighted to pull in your contribution.

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I just pushed a new version, with a lot of crap cleared out.

The main change is a fully automated build_all.sh script that builds for Android server and sports an Android APK download icon.

When you connect to the server from an Android browser you can download, install and try out the mobile app on a real device without having to mess with the Android Store…

Naturally, it is also ready for meteor device simulator debugging