Rollbar and source maps

Has anyone had experience with working with Rollbar, specifically automatically bundling up React code into a map or maps and sending up to Rollbar? I’m not even sure where to begin.


Is this issue related to your problem?

Hi @ffxsam! I’m Rivkah, a support engineer at Rollbar. What sorts of issues are you running into? If you email us at, we can help you get set up. :slight_smile:

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Oh nice! I was afraid the Rollbar folks may not be familiar with Meteor’s build/bundling process. I’ll get in touch. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you are able to figure out how to get prod sourcemaps working!

I’m still working through it. One issue is that the minified JS URL when you build a Meteor app is always different, e.g. Rollbar needs to know what the minified URL is, so I’m not sure how to obtain that.

I believe @SkinnyGeek1010 introduced me to Rollbar, maybe he has some insight into this.

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Not sure offhand… it’s on my backlog of things to get to :smile: Let me know if you figure something out though!

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@rivkahstandig Sorry, I tried to work with support… no luck. I’m finding the source maps integration extremely confusing and not well-documented, IMO.

Unfortunately, this has been requested several times, without much resulting movement:

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