Running CPU intensive tasks

Hi, I’m running some tasks that take a lot of the CPU power and the performance of my website is obviously affected during those times. Unfortunately, these tasks have to be run across the day.
I am wondering if having multiple servers by using something like this would help or if I need to have a separate server, where I make sure only those tasks are ran, while the main server is used for normal traffic?

Any advice greatly appreciated!

You could used dedicated worker threads

@serkandurusoy Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve been reading more on the issue, and I’ve seen @arunoda’s microservices that come as part of . Did you get a chance to try both and decided upon those workers? If yes, why? Right now, I’m tempted to go with microservices, but still need to get my head around these things completely

I actually use vsivsi job collection for headless workers and similar stuff

have not used cluster myself

Now that I’m on an actual computer, let me elaborate

I love @arunoda’s work and cluster is (I think mupx is the most recent iteration) a great way of both scaling and micoroservicing. But, for cases you don’t actually require the whole Meteor stack, a simple node app to be spawned would be better.

Furthermore, if you want your job to run and then just disappear, I fear cluster’s implementation does not fit the bill. It will still be actively waiting for connections, so consuming resources.