📡 TRANSMISSION #11: Help Pick Topics

:point_right: Howdy Meteor Forum, it’s time to plan show #11!

With 1.3 coming out we took a little break form recording shows. I hope you missed us, we missed you. So what perked your interest this week(s) in Meteor? Is there a MDG team member you want to learn more about? Have an idea how to improve the show?


Show #10 was way cool, we dove into the new Galaxy offering with @rohit2b and Meteor’s new Census package with @zoltan https://transmission.simplecast.fm/10

Thank you to all the MDG project leads for being part of the show.

As always, sincere thank you all for your support and feedback!!


TRANSMISSION is a weekly podcast/vlog covering the most important topics to come out of the Meteor Forums. Each week I need your help to pick the most relevant forum posts for @sashko and I to discuss in deeper detail.

Podcast Site: https://transmission.simplecast.fm/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTUf4ytkmI8Q7cbf4J6aQEYun5g8fxt9B


I’m thinking of grouping all the post-1.3 forum posts together and doing a wrap-up section talking about 1.3 hitting the public.

Also thinking of interviewing @sashko about being productive. I want to know his process and how he seems to be everywhere :muscle:


This would be awesome, especially with regards to modules and testing which are the two big talking points of 1.3


I’m excited to bring it back to basics and just have a nice chat with Ben about the forums!


No kidding! Just keeping up with the @sashko input/output I see between here and GitHub is a full-time job … then add being the Apollo lead into the mix? @benstr - find his secret, please!!!


Damn! I’d also be interested in this! We need his secret!

Apart from that:
If its not too late, I personally would be interested to hear MDGs current stand on their original “ease-of-use” vision. Especially in regards to the future.

I kinda liked @brajt 's this way of putting it:

When I started out with Meteor, there was a very strong “everything out of the box + just working” feel to it. Create a project and just start to code. Add perfectly fitting packages (atmosphere) and use them instantly. Deploy with one command (free tier) to present the whole thing.

Since Galaxy and 1.3 came out the overall thing feels a bit more “separated” to me.
Note: I do NOT mean worse, just different. Definitely appreciate MDGs work a ton!

Curious to hear about that.
(hope I’m not to late with this post though :D)

Anyway, great show, @benstr . Love it!


I’d like to see something on the Deprecation of CollectionFS.

I’d also like to hear more about Chromatic


updating node? why it hasn’t been updated? how to avoid getting into situations where we are forced to stay on old versions of node in the future? MDGs plan to get it upgraded? is it underway already? this issue seems pretty dead


Node update should be coming very soon, I’d guess the next release.

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@benstr @sashko … we miss you guys … Transmission 11 coming soon?


What about the Meteor stuff happening in What happened to MeteorPad.com? - looks like something good will come out of it.