Screencasting tools and tips?

Hey folks, many of you have already produced some very high quality screen content (@cmather @joshowens et al) and I was wondering if you could share your workflows and tools to help kickstart others?

I’m putting together a workshop to teach while I travel and may convert some of those sessions into an online series so particularly interested in both offline (scripted, terminal bashing) and online (via hangouts etc). Thanks!


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Haha. I 'm not big on screencasts. But I use OSX Quicktime for that. Nothing else.

Simple works wonders hey :slight_smile:

I use ScreenFlow:

It has a great recording and editing experience, and I’ve been pretty satisfied.


Any tip for Ubuntu users? :slight_smile:


+1 for ScreenFlow on the Mac. my fav after testing a lot. also a text editor that is understandable for the viewer is great. especially the guys using vim can really create confusion on the viewers side because many of the action that you do by quick keyboard shortcuts are not comprehensible in the video.

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+1 on the text editor - I think using an editor that has more of a visual UI like Sublime Text can really make things more accessible.

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I’ll add from Github to the list of editors. I’ve also used Sublime for quite a while but shortly fell in love a bit with Atom. Additionally it is completely free (as in beer and open source too).



I also want to mention recordIt -

It’s a super quick way to share some screencast and it has built in gif support. I use it a lot for help users specially for kadira support tickets.

Thanks for the question!

I tend to keep it easy and cheap. I use G+ Hangout on Air to do most of my recording because they process and ship it to Youtube for me.

I also use Quicktime when I want a higher quality audio or video recording.

The keys to quality results are:

  1. Make sure you font bump your editor
  2. Use a quality mic (I have a Rode Podcaster)
  3. Find a quiet place :slight_smile:

I have been looking at Camtasia for doing other video stuff, so I can record 720p screen size. Quicktime is good for quick stuff, but I don’t think I can tell it to give me a 720p window to record in.


You can easily get around that by highlighting something in VIM or turning on mousepose and having it record your keystrokes, etc.

sure, highlighting and keyboard callouts would help but at the end i think at least most of the entry level users (and those are most probably the primary recipients of the screencasts) may by more likely to not use vim as it’s definitely a tool for nerds. I myself use it on server level a lot but couldn’t really imagine to code with it.

Anyways I’d thank all the guys that put there time into screencsts, especially but not only the ones that do publish them for free - i think that is an immense help to the community.

I’d agree that while the quality of the video is important, the sound quality is equally, if not more, important.

Also, I agree with some people’s statements; if you are going to do one for “mass-appeal” use a text editor like Sublime Text or Atom, etc. terminal editors scare a lot of people off, and they find it hard to follow (which file you are working on, etc.) without the visual cues.

+1 for ScreenFlow on Macs

Thanks everyone. I’ve also been testing out which has a very nice OS X app and simple built in sharing. Seems a great service for quickly sharing your ideas in 3 or 5 min chunks.

gnome-shell has a recording tool build in:
shift+ctrl+alt+r for starting and stoping

You can use simplescreenrecorder for ubuntu or linux in general.

Hey @chris I’ve been using CodersTV to share tips, ideas etc.

It’s really nice because I can schedule my talk or screencast and people can see me code in realtime.

CodersTV uses google hangouts to share the video and chats and everything made with Meteor reactivity.

You should try!