Seattle based Meteor dev looking for dev buddies


Hello world!

My name’s Adam, I’m a 22yo self-taught dev living in Seattle with a passion for UI. My career began in front-end, but after discovering Meteor last year I have jumped feet first into hybrid app development and haven’t looked back.

I’m currently working on a couple different projects/apps after being laid off recently from my dream job working on a production Meteor app w/ a few thousand users. I’m pretty new to the Meteor community and I’m hoping to meet some new friends in the Seattle area, as well as possibly bring someone on board as I begin to deploy these apps into prod and start (hopefully) scaling.

I still have a lot to learn about Meteor, and scaling anything in general. I’d love to meet up and hack, grab some coffee and talk tech, or maybe go to Marymoor dog park and get some fresh air while we debate React vs Blaze (I have 2 huskies, and have no idea if I should stick to using Blaze or jump ship for React).

I have yet to attend a Meteor Seattle meetup, but I plan to attend the Meteor Hackathon coming up in Oct. If you are thinking about going or definitely are, let me know!

Feel free to drop a line here, or even shoot me an email at Looking forward to meeting new people and exploring all the awesome projects out there. If you have any killer advice for moving forward with my hybrid app projects, please, don’t hesitate to enlighten me!

Hope everyone has a great upcoming weekend :sunny:



Hmm, there might be some future for a “tinder for meteor devs” model LOL :slight_smile:


tinder for devs could be awesome!

casual hookups with other devs who are virtual workers / contractors could be useful :slight_smile: or maybe for those devs who have a ball and chain ( their day job using boring tech ) who want to experiment with “new” things.