Security of apps on DO?

Are they’re any security measures that need to be taken when deploying to Digital Ocean? I’ve looked at them before for web hosting but didnt want to have to configure everything for a secure web server.

Also, I noticed mup isnt officially supported on windows yet, any workarounds or other suggestions (other than booting up a vm with ubuntu)?

Mup will have windows support soon.

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Yeeesss. How long are we talking?

I noticed my boxes get brute forced a lot so just make sure you’re using SSH keys, and make sure you only have ports that you need open.

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As @hellstad said, boxes will have attacks come in by bots.
I always change my SSH port to something else, it is still important to have long passwords and to use SSL certs, but changing the port just means you wont have bots attempting to login.

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May be in 24 hours! yes.

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awwww yea.

It is great that mup will soon support windows, but you should take not that it won’t make a difference with your server/os security.

Windows and linux servers alike receive virtually the same kind/amount of attacks, especially from bots. Both operating systems have sufficient last-line security mechanisms in the form of blocking/stealthing unused ports, changing default ports for remote administration (ssh/wmi/rdp etc), enforcing strong passwords, using certificates for logging in and encrypting remote communications.

To be frank, although it may look otherwise, baseline linux security is much easier to achieve. It takes less than 10 minutes and one reboot (just precautionary) to properly secure a linux server on digital ocean, setup remote access, install all updates, necessary packages like git, curl etc and some basic services like nginx and mongodb.