Seriously you need to fix your build system

When we started our application the build times where fast but now with some npm dependencies and some browserify files, it is taking a lot of time for us to build. Sometimes it takes about 10-15 minutes just to start an app. Either we are doing something stupid or there are issues with build system.


Yes current load / build times can definitely be painful - see How long are your reload times?.

MDG is working on it though - see Help us test build times in Meteor 1.3.

If you want faster build times now, consider using webpack - see Meteor + React + WebPack?, and ultimately the referenced kickstarter webpack project kickstart-simple by thereactivestack.


You might like this:

Hey @miningsam

Whirlwind is intended for a different purpose, it allows you to run you CI tests faster, not the Meteor build. Only the MDG can fix that!

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Well, when MDG fixes build times I still hope they consult with you on a good build system name - Whirlwind sounds fast!!!


@sam indeed, but while we are at the topic of faster build - couldn’t resist to post this gem :blush:

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Just took 25 minutes for me. Half of it was for the “updating npm dependencies” part and I’m only using one npm package.

updating npm dependencies is one thing. But it takes a lot of time to build for the web.browser than for the os itself. I came from Java and C++ world so build times of 5 minutes for a large app was ok with me but 15 minutes please MDG fix this thing.

I will give whirlwind a shot.

Whirlwind is definitely not for speeding up the build problem you’re talking about, but it will bring down your CI build from 2 hours to 10m!

@suhaila I don’t have such long built times, but our apps aren’t the same. :] If you want help, you should show your project, or list the packages you have, what you are doing (how are you using browserify, etc?).

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Below are my npm dependencies.

‘material-ui’: MUI_VERSION,
‘react-tap-event-plugin’: ‘0.2.1’,
‘redux’: ‘3.0.5’,
‘validator’: ‘3.17.0’,
‘joi’: ‘6.10.1’,

and these are my packages


Right now i did a meteor reset and after starting the application it is stuck at Linking for last 10 minutes.

Which version of Meteor are you on? Where/how are those NPM packages installed? You’re using browserify how?

We are on 1.2.1 versions and using cosmos:browserify package. We are using Npm.depends from meteor for npm packages installation.

The build system is a pain for agile work. We use a webpack integration right now but still have a huge first start up time.

For people who experience extreme build times on linking or building for web: After 1.2 all js is processed by the ecmascript package, which is extremely slow. If you happen to have large libraries in your app, consider renaming them to *.es5.js so they don’t get processed again.

There is an issue… but nothing was really done about it

Still, for web unacceptable slow

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@suhaila I’ve similar lag problems with cosmos:browserify. You might be encountering the same issue: Sometimes cosmos:browserify freezes (loads forever?). · Issue #17 · elidoran/cosmos-browserify · GitHub

Why are you using cosmos:browserify? Now that Meteor 1.3 has introduced ES2015 modules, you can use that instead. Thread with links on how to use Meteor 1.3 Beta: Meteor 1.3 *early beta* now available

I am using 1.2.1 for a production app so until we have 1.3 RC at least i cannot use it. Anyways it seems we will just have to wait for 1.3.

Never seen build times anything like this. Maybe time for hardware upgrade?

@suhaila @Dan put your Npm.depends on a separate local package and include it.



  name: 'react-npms',
  summary: 'React NPM´s',
  version: '0.1.0',

  'react-tabs': '0.5.1'

Package.onUse(function (api) {
  api.addFiles('package.browserify.js', 'client');
  api.export(['ReactTabs'], 'client');


ReactTabs = require('react-tabs');

If yout put Npm.depends on same package that your are develop cosmos:browserify will rebuild all npm´s on file change and this is slow.

Maybe @sashko must add this tip to Meteor guide.


Actually i already did what you suggested and it does work on subsequent builds with file changes but if i make any changes to npm or the package that contains browserify i have to wait a long time for the build to finish.